Audiggle LTD (Freeware)

Audiggle is an audio recognition application that displays the artist and the title of the song by listening to audio input. This can be used for determining the title and artist of a song on a Web browser, a soundtrack, or a music file saved on the computer. The application works by using the built-in recorder and searching for possible song matches in its database. It has a large database that consists of millions of songs in different languages. The application is easy to use for both novice and advanced computer users. Users must have an Audiggle account in order to use the application.

After listening to an audio file, the program displays results on the main window. The results show the album artwork, artist, title of the track, and the album title. There are also links on the main window, such as iTunes and Amazon so users can download the track to their computers. The program can be set to run in minimized mode. When this is done, it displays pop up alerts whenever it recognizes songs that are playing in the background. Users can also post their song discoveries on their Twitter accounts, as there is an option to do so under the Settings window.