Audiffex inTone Guitar Pro

Audiffex (Proprietary)

InTone Guitar Pro allows users to create professional guitar effects right on their computers. It enables the user to generate effects for the studio, stage, or live performances. The program comes with a comprehensive set of audio enhancements, as well as plug-ins for third party use.
Here are some of inTone Guitar Pro’s top features:
• The software’s real-time processor is designed for beginners and professional artists, whether it’s a live performance or practicing at home.
• The software is equipped with multichannel audio interfaces to accommodate more inputs and output assignments.
• It allows file recording and playback. It also allows playbacks to be slowed down for easier practicing.
• Everything is connected into a single system: effects, software instruments, MIDI controllers, and other applications.
• It comes with intuitive controls. These controls allow the user to manage playback, recording, keyboard shortcuts, the MIDI controller, and other features easily with the mouse, or using the mouse and keyboard.

InTone Guitar Pro has a wide range of presets for faster sound and effect selection, in addition to having a variety of options for file sharing. The software also comes with effects for bass guitar, with a total of 27 effects for that instrument alone.