Audible Download Manager

Audible (Freeware)

Functioning closely with Windows Media Player 11 (WMP 11), Audible Download Manager is a software for downloading and importing audible titles into the WMP 11 library. The program activates the user’s Audible-ready device or a portable device supported by the app. When this happens, WMP 11 can transfer the Audible titles to the device.  It is also for downloading Audible audio format files and moving them to portable devices, burning them to CDs, and listening to them on the computer. With the application, the user can organize, play, and transfer any of his audio content (including Audible audio books) directly to iTunes.

Transferring Audible titles from WMP 11 to the AudibleReady Device can also be a simple task with the program’s interface. The Audible-ready device should first be connected to the PC. When the Windows Media Player is launched, the Sync Tab found at the upper right hand corner should be selected. After this, the Audible playlist can be clicked on the left hand side to display the Audible title that the user wants to transfer. From there, the user can drag and drop the title to the Sync list on the right hand of the window. The Start Sync button can be pressed to start the transfer process. The drag and drop step can be carried out for multiple titles in order to perform batch transfers.