Audials One 14.1.700.0

RapidSolution Software AG (Shareware)

AudialsOne is used for downloading audio and video files from the Internet. The application can also be used to manage and organize multimedia files. With the program, users have access to over 10 million songs and a million albums by different artists. The mp3s can be downloaded for free. The program also provides access to different Internet radio stations. In addition, users can record shows, videos, and audio files from the Internet. Users can specify the file format and the quality of the recording.

AudialsOne also acts as an audio and video converter. This makes it easier for users to play their multimedia files using their favorite players. The program supports over a hundred device profiles so the audio and video files can be transferred to different devices, such as iPhones, iPods, PS3s, tablets, and smartphones. Other features of the program include the following:

• Receive and watch programs from favorite sources
• Subscribe and play episodes from podcasts
• DVD copying feature
• Tracks music videos from the Internet
• Save music as individual tracks

The application also has a cloud manager that allows users to access all their multimedia files in AudialsOne from a home desktop or from anywhere.