Audials TV

RapidSolution Software AG (Freeware)

Audials TV or also known as Audials Music TV is a streaming application developed by Rapid Solution Software AG. This application allows users to browse through a number of television channels and view their favorite TV programs live in their computer. Audials TV is also capable of streaming music from supported music channels online or via cable. This application provides basic media player controls that enable users to play a particular program, skip between channels, and adjust volume. Audials TV may also be used as a standalone application or embedded into another running program. Users are also provided with features that allow them to zoom in and out of the screen, and watch their television programs in full screen or window mode. Audials TV receives transmission from over 80 international radio and television channels in addition to the local TV and radio transmission. Users are provided with news, movies, entertainment, sports, and feature channels.

Audials TV features a simple user interface that has three main control parts. The left side of the program window displays all channels received by the application. Users may switch between channels by double clicking a channel title on the list or by using the next button on the TV controls. The next part contains the TV controls such as play, channel browser, volume controls, and music toggle button. The center portion of the screen is where users may view the selected television program. Audials TV appears as a small black-shaded window.