Audacity 2.0.4

Audacity Team (Freeware)

Audacity is a free application for multi-track sound recording and editing. As an open source app, it lets any user study, use, or develop its source code. It has the capability to convert records, minidiscs, and cassette tapes into CDs or digital recordings. WAV, MP2, MO3, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC files are supported. The software allows the user to cut, splice, copy, or combine sounds. He can also customize the pitch and speed or a recording.

In terms of its recording capabilities, Audacity permits live audio recording at sample rates of up to 192,000 Hz via a mixer, microphone, USB or Firewire devices, and the like. The program also captures streaming audio. Multi-track recordings can be created by dubbing over existing tracks. A tool called “Device Toolbar” permits management of many devices for input and output. Level meters enable the user to monitor volume levels prior to, during, and after the recording. With appropriate hardware, recording multiple channels simultaneously is likewise possible.

Audacity’s editing features include editing and mixing a large volume of tracks, with multiple clips allowed for each track. A “Drawing Tool” is available for modifying sample points individually. The “Envelope Tool” allows smooth fading (up or down) of the volume. Tracks can be labelled using the “Sync-Lock Tracks” feature to synchronize labels with their tracks. The user can add or enhance audio effects by customizing the pitch, tempo, frequencies, volume, and removing background noises. He can also generate voice-overs for DJ sets and podcasts with the “Auto Duck” effect. Chains or sequence of effects can be run on multiple files or a project.