AuctionSentry 2.6 (Shareware)

AuctionSentry is an auction-sniping application that monitors auctions on the auction site eBay. The program allows users to set a maximum bid on an item and the program automatically monitors the item. This eliminates the need for users to monitor all the items that they want to bid on. The program has a built-in web browser so users can visit auction sites directly from the application’s window. All of the items that user has bid on will be displayed on the program’s main window, so it is easy to see the status of each item. They are also color coded to distinguish which items are being outbid and which ones are winning. AuctionSentry allows users to bid on items on the last second automatically. The bid will be based on the maximum amount set by the user.

Other features of the application are the following:

• enables users to have an unlimited number of items to bid on
• support for several eBay usernames and profiles
• alerts can be set for watched items
• comes with customer support
• automatically places bids on items without user interaction

Users can export all their auctions to Excel to keep a log of all the items.