Play.Com.Pl (Bundled)

ATV GP is a motorcycle racing game. Specifically, the player races on motocross tracks. Motocross involves motorcycles racing on dirt tracks. To play the game, the user first selects a motorcycle to use in the race. Each motorcycle has its own advantages and weaknesses. For example, one motorcycle has a high top speed but has slow acceleration. Another motorcycle accelerates faster but has an average top speed. After the player chooses, the game then proceeds to the actual racing.

There are usually eight racers in any race. Also there are four laps. This means the racer has to go through the entire track four times to finish the race. In the game screen, the accelerometer is situated at the lower right portion of the screen. The user's time in finishing a lap is seen at the upper right portion of the screen. The player's position in the race, as well as the current lap, can be seen at the upper left portion of the screen.

ATV GP also includes obstacles in all the race courses. These obstacles can be evaded. They can also be used to earn points. For example, a successful ramp jump gives the player additional points, which means that the motorcycle must land upright after the jump.