aTube Catcher

DsNET (Freeware)

The aTube Catcher is a freeware application used to watch and download videos from the web (MySpace, Dailymotion, Yahoo!, Google, Youtube, etc.) and convert to various formats. The program is designed for private, personal and non-commercial uses. It offers different templates for encoding videos in formats like PSP, VCD, IPOD, DVD and the like. It also has a Youtube Authentication support that can be used to download private videos.

The aTube Catcher application is like a tiny web browser. It works by going to a website and interpreting the content of the website. Once the application finds a video of interest, it will download the video in the specified directory and convert it to the specified format.

The program also works as a converter. It can convert single and batch files. Encoding options like video codec, frame rate, file format, audio codec, aspect and quality can also be set with this program. It also has a support for playlist, allowing users to download video/audio playlists from the Internet.

The program includes a Flash video player and Smart Media Hunter. The Flash Video Player is a tool used to play downloaded video files. The Smart Media Hunter is a tool used to download videos and comics from different websites, which includes TV commercials. However, the aTube Catcher program does not support ciphered or secure protocols to protect copyright holders. It also doesn’t have a support to decrypt or decode secured files by DRM security measure.