AtomTime Pro 3.1d

Naissan Innovations, LLC (Shareware)

AtomTime Pro is a Windows application that will connect to the Atomic Clock server in Colorado, U.S.A. through the Internet. It allows the user to compare the personal computer’s time with Atomic Clock time and gives the user the option of updating the user’s computer to match the Atomic Clock. An auto updater is available for the user to allow the program to automatically update and sync the personal computer’s time.

The AtomTime Pro can start automatically on Windows startup, allowing the application to connect to the Atomic Clock Time server and present the user with the option to update the computer’s time. This feature can be set manually or automatically. Automated operation will automatically check for updates for time. The user has another option of choosing a different server to update the computer’s time. The user can also set specific connections with the Dial-Up Networking Support feature. Error messages, program operations, and time checks are logged, and the user can view the save files. Registry settings are automatically saved for the user.

The user interface displays two time values. One value is the Time Server and the other is the user’s computer. A status bar below the time values reports if the time values match. Two buttons below the status bar are available. One is marked “Check” to check if the time value is correct and the other button is “Adjust” to allow the user to update the clock.