Atomix Productions (Proprietary)

Atomix MP3 is a program that enables users to mix MP3 audio files by means of an automatic beat matching algorithm. This program allows users to play two different MP3 tracks simultaneously with its two-deck player that are both equipped with audio controls. This program provides users with a variety of tools such as playback buttons (play, pause, stop, and cue), pitch control, volume control, gain control, crossfader, as well as a mixer equipped with three band equalizers. Atomix MP3 is capable of computing the audio track’s Beats per minute (BPM) automatically, enabling users to add creative audio effects to their music mixes. In addition, the Atomix MP3 console contains various visual aids to assist its users in music beat matching. Other features include audio effects, smart loops, a master tempo, recording, as well as visual effects. Users can use Atomix MP3 with one or two sound cards, with a multi-output soundcard, or a split stereo device. Atomix MP3 is the predecessor of VirtualDJ, a similar audio mixing program used by Disc Jockeys as an alternative to an analog turntable.

Atomix MP3 features a stylized user interface designed after an actual audio mixing console. The top portion contains two circular disc modules that display the two MP3 tracks that are currently being played. Users may find the playback controls between the two modules. The lower portion of the window displays the list of other MP3 tracks as well as a file browser that enables users to add more MP3 tracks and audio effects in the program. Users are also provided with an audio timeline on the center portion of the window. This is used for adding cues and inserting audio effects into the audio mix.