Atomica Deluxe 2.52

Moby Games (Proprietary)

Atomica Deluxe is a nerd science-themed action puzzle game created by Moby Games and released in 2002. It is part of the color-matching game genre, which requires players to match a certain number of balls or blocks of similar color to receive points. In Atomica Deluxe, players are given a game board full of colored balls that represent atoms. The objective is to move the balls around to create the specific molecule needed for the level.  

Atomica Deluxe gameplay involves swapping colored balls from different locations in the board to create the desired molecules. Molecules may be groups of 3 or more colored balls arranged in a certain layout. Colored balls need not be adjacent to each other to swap them with each other. New atoms appear per level, raising the difficulty of completing a level. Creating molecules also result to energy creation, which if unchecked may result in an atomic explosion. The atomic explosion will destroy all the molecules resulting to a failed level.

Atomica Deluxe user interface features a spectacled cartoon scientist on the lower left corner, which opens up the game options when clicked. The game board occupies most of the game interface.  The left panel shows the current score and the molecule layout. The top portion shows the current energy created by the player. The scoreboard shows the final score, the highest level reached by the player, the number of atoms collected, the number of molecules formed, and the player rank.