Atomic ZIP Password Recovery

AtomPark Software (Shareware)

Atomic ZIP Password Recovery is a password recovery application that retrieves lost or forgotten passwords of ZIP files. The program makes use of two methods for retrieving passwords. These methods are:

• Brute Force Attack – For this method, the application checks combinations of keystrokes to find the right password. This method takes longer to complete, as the search is more thorough. There are two sub-categories under the brute force attack. The first one is automated mode, wherein the application checks the keystrokes that are commonly used. The other sub-category is the manual mode, which enables the user to provide information about the password, such as some of the symbols used and the number of characters.

• Dictionary Attack – For this retrieval method, the application cracks the password by trying words listed in the dictionary. Variations of dictionary words are also tested. The program has a built-in dictionary, but users are free to add a new dictionary or download one from the application’s official website.

Before starting the recovery process, the program gauges how long each method will take. This allows the user which method is best to use. The process of cracking the password can be paused anytime. When it is resumed, it starts from the last search point.