Atomic PDF Password Recovery 3.1

APASSCRACKER Project (Freeware)

Atomic PDF Password Recovery is trialware created by APASSCRACKER Project, which is run by AtomPark Software. It is specifically developed to access and open password-protected and restricted PDF files. How does it work? The software does not actually crack or recover the password security of the restricted file. What it does is it disables the limitations of security settings of the encrypted PDF file. Then it creates a mirror or exact copy of it. This can be opened and viewed in any PDF viewer.

It features a simple and straightforward graphic interface that allows navigation and use of the application. As soon as this application is launched, it instantly removes all restrictions and password protection of any Adobe PDF files. Thereby, the user can do amend it just like any regular document. The user can print, modify, add or remove texts or graphics, edit, make copies, and copy-paste any protected PDF documents.

Additionally, it supports AES and RC4 encryptions used in most restricted PDF files. It also has a batch processing mechanism that allows simultaneous decryption of multiple password protected documents. It can be used with most Windows systems and PDF versions. This file viewer is also a useful tool for those files that have forgotten and/or lost passwords.