Atomic Mail Sender

AtomPark Software (Shareware)

Atomic Mail Sender is a marketing program used for sending out several emails to different addresses in just a short amount of time. The software allows users to reach customers to let them know about promotions, services, and products. It comes with a built-in SMTP server that is used for sending out mass emails. There is no limit to the amount of email addresses to add to the list, and there are several ways to import the emails including through a file, the clipboard, the address book, or a database.

Other main features of the application are the following:

• Tracking of email sent – The program has an email tracking feature that allows users to view statistics of the email campaign. Users can also get information from Google Analytics.
• Mailing list management feature – The software comes with several tools for managing the email list. Users can edit the list, sort lists, delete duplicate emails, and add and remove emails from the list.
• Reports of sent email – The application generates two types of detailed reports including a report based on specific criteria or based on an individual address.
• Widgets – Users can add Twitter and Facebook widgets at the bottom of emails sent to customers.