Atomic Email Studio 9.5

AtomPark Software Inc (Shareware)

A full suite of email marketing tools, Atomic Email Studio is suitable for online promotional activities revolving around emails. It has many built-in modules designed to make the email marketing experience convenient. As a highly advanced platform for newsletter management, it can be easily tailored to various marketing needs to simplify organizing email campaigns while providing comprehensive control. Creating top-quality mailing lists, sending newsletters to the targeted market or audience, and using related statistics are all part of its feature-rich functionalities.

Some of the key performance points of Atomic Email Studio are apparent in these ways:

• Efficient sending of emails – Its Mass Mailing module supports both HTML as well as plain text messages. Mail can be sent through specified SMTP servers or directly to the intended recipients without the ISP SMTP server. Its special tracking tool in the form of the Atomic Email Tracker service lets the user see the results of the email campaign. This provides the opportunity to evaluate and increase the effectiveness of such campaigns.
• Mailing List-building using Internet resources – With the use of URLs and keywords, targeted mailing lists can be created.
• Auto-response system – The Autoresponder maintains communication with clients without having to personally reply to their emails. The program allows the user to customize rules for sending sequence-driven automatic responses.
• Email address verification – Checking the validity of mailing lists is possible using the Launch Verifier Module. Its three-level verification process ensures accurate checking of the lists.
• Email extraction from news groups for targeted contacts – It is possible to get email addresses and user names straight from news groups to focus on targeted readers. Private newsgroups that ask for passwords can be processed.