Atomic Email Hunter

AtomPark Software (Shareware)

Atomic Email Hunter is a tool used for extracting emails from different websites. The program is mainly used for business purposes, so users can collect official email addresses without having to do it manually. The program has an easy to use interface, which makes it ideal for both novice and advanced computer users. It supports different applications including OpenOffice and Microsoft Office programs.

The main window is where users can type in a URL where email addresses must be harvested from. After adding a URL, users can click on the Start button and the program will automatically scan and go over the website to look for email addresses. The results list displays the email addresses found, owner of the mail address, the URL of the address or mailbox, and the keyword used.

Here are the program’s main features:

• Support for extracting email addresses from a list of websites
• Comes with three plugins for added functionality including DMOZ catalob and UseNet Conferences
• Support for searching for email addresses on websites based on keywords specified by the user
• Operates in multithread mode that is capable of accessing several pages simultaneously
• Has different filter options for searching for email addresses including by domain, by priority links, by email, or by URL length