Atomic Cannon

Isotope244 Graphics (Proprietary)

Atomic Cannon by Isotope244 Graphics is a game for desktop computers, laptops, and pocket PCs. This is an arcade-type multiplayer game that can accommodate up to 16 players. In this game, players use tanks to battle against each other. The goal of the players is to fire on their enemies using the different weapons mounted on their tanks. There are five tanks available for players to choose from.

Atomic Cannon has six types of land surfaces or terrain and battles are held on 25 different environments or landscapes. Players can choose from flatland, hill, slope, plateau, and gully, or a random terrain selected by the computer. This game can be played in portrait or landscape mode. Players can also choose between the two types of game modes, either round-based or death match.

There are more than a hundred weapons to use in playing this game. These include missiles, bombs, rockets, artillery, machine gun, land fill, cannon, cannon ball, nukes, lasers, rollers, and diggers. The game features many visual effects, including refractive wave effects, radioactive effects, and weather effects. It also has real-time smoke trails. This game also has sound and music effects; the game has a total of six full-length soundtracks that add to the game’s atmosphere.