Atomic Alarm Clock 5.91

Drive Software Company (Shareware)

Atomic Alarm Clock is an application that can be a replacement for the clock on the computer’s system tray. The appearance of the clock can be changed and it can be set to display the date as well. Apart from displaying the time and date, the application is also able to display other information, such as percentage of used memory, and the time for different time zones. Atomic Alarm Clock can also be used as a countdown timer.

The program’s options can be changed according to the user’s preferences. There are settings for the alarm, sounds, and actions for the computer on a designated time. Alarms can be set once, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or regularly. The user can set a not when setting off the alarm, too. The time display can be changed, too. Users can choose small or large icons, 12 or 24-hour format, and other settings.

One of the features of the Atomic Alarm Clock is customized alert sounds. Users can set the alarm to the tune of an MP3 track that they can upload to the application.

Here are other features of the Atomic Alarm Clock program:
• Several designs of skins available
• Use the laptop or desktop computer as an alarm clock
• Multilanguage support