KraiSoft Entertainment (Proprietary)

Atomaders is an arcade-style video game developed and released by KraiSoft in May 2003. Atomaders envisions a world where alien hordes of cyborgs and deadly bosses try to invade the planet. Atomaders features several cyborg types with different behavior and appearances. Aside from usual arcade style attacks, Atomaders offers nine extra weapons including Side Swing and Crusher. Atomaders motherships feature special abilities, which may include defense launchers and shield options. Atomaders also offers Boss levels and Bonus levels.

Atomaders gameplay is of a typical arcade-style gaming setup. For movement, player may use the keyboard arrow keys or the mouse. Weapon fires and attacks may be launched with the space bar or a left mouse click. Destroyed aliens leave colored power-ups. These power-ups may be collected and reserved. Collecting 4 or more power-ups of the same color and clicking the right button will launch a special weapon. The objective of the game is to destroy all the cyborg aliens before they reach the bottom of the game board. Players also need to dodge oncoming attacks from weapons and enemy divers.

Atomaders offers online, multiplayer, and campaign modes. Atomaders uses a flexible scoring system. The game also keeps track of highest scores and players with high scores are recorded on the Top Player list.