ATnotes 9.5

Thomas Ascher (Freeware)

ATnotes is an application that allows users to post notes and reminders on the desktop. The notes are fully customizable and users can change the colors, the size of the text, and the transparency. Notes can also be set to permanently be displayed on top of all windows so that users can be reminded of important events and dates. Notes for alarms can be set, too. These types of notes are not visible on the desktop until the alarm time. Users who have plenty of notes can minimize the windows so that only one line can be seen. The minimized notes can be expanded by clicking on the double arrows on the entry. ATnotes is capable of recognizing links. This allows users to open websites by clicking on the link contained in the note.

The settings window can be brought up by clicking on the ATnotes icon located on the system tray. The settings of each note can be changed by right clicking on a specific note on the desktop. Other features of the ATnotes program are the following:

• Send notes to other computers connected in a network
• Search for specific text on all the notes
• Draggable and resizable notes
• Auto-sized notes as text is entered

ATnotes was discontinued in 2005.