Atmosphere Deluxe 1

Vectormedia Software (Shareware)

Atmosphere Deluxe is an application that provides users with ambient music reflecting the sounds of nature, such as waves and birds. The program contains over 50 collections of soundscapes, which the user can customize. Users can also create a new playlist or collection. This tool is designed to mask outside noise and provide users with an alternative to other musical genres.

The customizable soundscapes let users select which sound they would like to retain or remove. For example, a soundscape may contain the sound of crickets, waves lapping on the beach, and a crackling bonfire, suggesting a campfire scene at the beach. Users can choose to turn off the sound of the crackling fire. Other sounds may be added, such as the sound of a breeze. Furthermore, the volume of the individual sounds may be adjusted to give dominance to a particular sound. Another feature of the customizable soundscape is its duration and evolution. A soundscape may be played for an extended period of time without any noticeable track changes, or it may evolve over timeā€”such as when a light drizzle becomes a rainshower. It is up to the user to change the weather effects according to his or her preference.

Atmosphere Deluxe also lets users view images related to the playing soundscape, as well as create their own recordings for playback.