Atlantis Quest

Playrix Entertainment (Shareware)

Atlantis Quest is a classic puzzle game wherein players need to match three or more tiles, either vertically or horizontally, to gain scores.  But more than simply matching tiles, players are challenged to find precious pieces of ancient artifacts that randomly appear on the board and collect them.  These pieces will lead them closer to their ultimate quest – and that is to find answers about the lost city of Atlantis.

Unlike the ordinary tiles, the special artifact pieces cannot be matched with other tiles.  Instead, players must find a way to make them drop lower down the game board.  Once it reaches the bottom, it will be placed on the artifact silhouette on the left side of the screen.

The game offers 76 levels that take players to towns in different Mediterranean countries, such as Egypt, Greece, Babylon, Rome, and more.  Each location reveals interesting facts and hints as the game progresses.  It is a timed game, so aside from the challenge of gaining scores and collecting precious pieces, players must also race against the clock.  To help players along the way, there are special tools that they will be able to unlock.

Atlantis Quest offers hours of gaming pleasure for those who enjoy a quiet challenge.