Rising Sun Solutions, Inc. (Freeware)

Atlantis is a word processor used to write documents on the computer. Its interface is similar to Microsoft Office Word 2003. The standard options for formatting are present in this word processor. These include the ability to choose a font, its size, and color. The user can style the text with highlights, underlines, shadows, etc. Additionally, the program allows spacing, indention, and tabs. The software’s format pallete is a collection of all the tools needed for editing and formatting a document. An autocorrect feature can also be selected. Furthermore, the software can scan the texts in the document. Through this, it can notify the user regarding inconsistent and overused words.

Atlantis' interface can be customized according to the user's preference. The toolbars are supported. The users can turn on or off toolbars at any time. The interface's color scheme can also be changed. There are color scheme templates that can be chosen. There is also the option to make a personal color scheme. When viewing documents within Atlantis, the documents can be displayed in either draft layout or print layout. There is the option to zoom the document for better readability. Before printing, a preview mode can be launched. The program also asks for confirmation from the user for any important functions. These include saving documents and deleting them.