ATI Tray Tools

Ray Adams (Freeware)

ATI Tray Tools is a utility application that enables users to manage and configure their ATI graphics card. Upon installation, this application appears in the computer’s system tray to provide quick access to a user’s ATI-Radeon graphics card settings. ATI Tray Tools allows users to easily change the resolution, colors, rotation, and extended desktop settings from the applications right click menu.

ATI Tray Tools has controls that enable users to create Game Profiles, which is a customized group of settings tied to a particular video game. With the Game Profile feature, users can change their OpenGL, Direct3D settings, antialiasing, anisotropic filtering, and other display options according to the game’s video requirement. This application also has the ability to overclock and underclock the computer’s graphic processing unit and video board memory to increase its display capability. In addition, ATI Tray Tools provides an on-screen display when running OpenGL and Direct3D applications. Users can view various display information such as FPS, 3D API Type, and GPU activity that shows the performance status of the computer’s display. In addition, ATI Tray Tools provides hotkey mapping, hardware monitoring, CrossFire support, and a feature that allows users to take screen shots of display samples. ATI Tray Tools was designed as an alternative to Catalyst Control Center, a display driver designed for ATI graphics card devices.