ATI Overclocking Utility 0.27 (Freeware)

ATITool is an overclocking application developed by Techpowerup. It is particularly developed for overclocking NVIDIA and ATI video cards in a semi-automatic manner. However, this application only works on selected Windows version, specifically Windows 2003, XP and 2000. Its main purpose is to unleash the potential of a computer’s VGA by allowing users to adjust the Core and Memory speeds.

The program’s interface is small and straightforward. All the necessary options and tools to tweak the video adapter are placed straight in the user interface. After obtaining a stable overclock, the program has an option to save the profile. The saved profile can be accessed again any time at the top portion of the interface. ATITool also offers RAM timings tweaking and GPU/RAM voltage adjustment features. Its “Find Max Mem” and “Find Max Core” options will overclock the RAM and GPU of the video cards automatically. The application also offers temperature monitoring for both the memory and core.

ATITool has the ability to remove the overclocking lock placed by ATI Catalyst. Creating backups of video BIOS is possible as well through extraction. Users can also configure hotkeys to switch from different profiles. This tweaking tool also has the “Scan for Artifacts” feature to ensure that the video adapter is working. There’s also the “Show 3D View” feature that displays temperature at a given memory or core speed.