Atelier Marie

Taiwan TGL Corporation. (Proprietary)

Atelier Marie is a Japanese role-playing game, the first one in the Salburg trilogy. In this game, players assume the role of the protagonist, Marie, a student in Salburg Academy, known for its specialization in the field of alchemy. Marie is failing her subjects despite her efforts, making her instructor Ingrid decide to teach Marie using non-traditional methods. Ingrid then lets Marie have her own alchemy workshop so she can practice when she is not in class. Marie is given five years with which to produce a special item created using her alchemy skills. If the product meets Ingrid’s standards, she will be allowed to graduate. The game has six endings depending on the choices the player makes throughout the game.

In the workshop, Marie is tasked to make different items. First, she has to find the ingredients and mix these together in order to complete an alchemic recipe. There are four types of items that can be created. Players can also purchase recipe books from the Salburg Academy. Marie can also go outside the walls of her school. The Tavern is one location where Marie can take tasks in order to earn money and popularity. The higher her popularity level is, the more likely she will be accompanied by others. The game has a turn-based battle mode.