Marvin Test Solutions, Inc. (Shareware)

ATEasy is a test execution software and a framework for developing applications used for functional test, ATE (Automatic Test Equipment), process control, systems of instrumentation, and acquisition of data. It comprises a collection of tools for developing, deploying, and maintaining components of an application. This includes test programs, user interfaces, instrument drivers, and a test executive. ATEasy simplifies and supports software that have long product life cycles.

Test engineers benefit from ATEasy in the following manner:

Reusable, Integrated Framework – The software consists in a framework that guides users to create components (system, programs, drivers, commands, tests, and so on) that emulate real-life test systems. They can re-use such components from one system to another for cost-effective development and maintenance of applications.

Open System Architecture - ATEasy supports a broad range of software and hardware standards, enabling users to extend and complement its functionality with word processors, web browsers, databases, spreadsheets, and many more. Supported standards include USB, PCI/ISA, DLL, GPIB, .NET assemblies, LabView VI/LLB files.

Test Executive – With a built-in Test Executive, it is possible to customize user groups and assign privileges without engaging in high-level programming. Tools for creating data logs, execution, and test debugging are part of the package. There are also additional modules that make fault analysis and test sequencing available.

Short Learning Curve – With a graphical user interface familiar to Visual C++ or Microsoft Visual Basic to most developers, users can easily work with the Application Wizard to generate programs. The modular structure and application framework provide direct the placement of users’ code, thus making the learning curve less difficult.