Meteoryt Software (Shareware)

Asystent is a business tool created by Meteoryt Software. The name of the program is basically a Polish term of the word “assistant”. This application is developed to provide support and create different modules for private and commercial businesses. The company behind this tool has produced various versions and editions of this program. Some of the newest available versions are CRM Assistant 2013 Business, Corporation Assistant 2013, and Corporation Assistant 2013.

CRM Assistant 2013 Business is used for Customer Relationship Management or CRM. Users can create data through the module tree groups to produce tasks for certain contractors and clients. They can send mass emails and SMS messages with its built-in email client and electronic correspondence book. They can also create user passwords, set module visibility, and use the application for networking.

Database Assistant 2013 is a component of Asystent that enables users to make and modify databases. This is primarily used for storing records of business data, names of employees and clients, and other information necessary for a company. Included features are contacts module, email, data import and export, and search engine.

Another application under Asystent is Corporation Assistant 2013. This is a suite of business tools that consist most of the newest applications (2013 series). It highlights email client, correspondence book, CRM system, and modules for sales and receiving inquiries.