Asus WebStorage

ecareme (Closed Source)

ASUS WebStorage is an online cloud application that allows users to backup all their files on the Internet. Aside from this, users can also sync their files on different devices, and share them with others, too. Users who do not have ASUS devices have a free 2 Gb storage, while users who have ASUS devices have more storage space, depending on the type of ASUS device.

Files that can be uploaded on the online storage are photos, videos, documents, music, reports, and many more. All these can be accessed on mobile devices if they are synced with the program. Looking for the right file can be difficult when there are plenty of files stored in the online backup program. With the use of the search feature, the right file can be found in seconds just by providing a keyword or the file name.

ASUS WebStorage provides online support. There is a Troubleshooter section where users can describe their problem and solutions will be provided. There is also a forum and blog to see the latest updates on the software. The Account Data Maintenance section enables users to make changes to their personal data or change the master password for their ASUS WebStorage account.