ASUS VideoSecurity

ASUSTek Computer Inc. (Freeware)

ASUS VideoSecurity Online is a utility program enables users to monitor an area using a video input device. This program provides users with a real time view of a particular area by means of various video capturing devices such as a CCD, CCTV, V8, digital Hi-8, or a webcam. ASUS VideoSecurity Online is used as a surveillance program by features that allow users to record videos of a particular area. This program has a motion detection feature that allows the camera to follow and record moving objects. Another feature allows users to capture a particular part of the video and export it as a bitmap image. With this feature, users can make screen captures of faces, plate numbers, and other information and include it in a warning message to be sent to pre-programmed recipients online.

ASUS VideoSecurity Online can be programmed to focus the camera on one particular area, or set it to move in order to cover a zone. This program has a function that automatically detects “deviations” or an unusual event during the recording process. If ASUS VideoSecurity Online detects a deviation, it will instantly record the time and date when the incident happened as well as the video segment or screen capture that shows the unusual event. ASUS VideoSecurity Online would then alert the user by means of an email or pop-up message. ASUS VideoSecurity Online can display and record using two video input devices.