ASUS SmartLogon

ASUS (Freeware)

ASUS SmartLogon is a facial recognition program developed by ASUS. This application is used as a substitute to fingerprints or passwords when logging into a computer system. The program can also be used in conjunction with other security logon methods (password/fingerprint). This application is bundled with ASUS Utilities. It comes with selected ASUS notebooks/netbooks.

The ASUS SmartLogon program offers a Learning feature. This allows the program to adjust and keep track of the environment it detects. If a logon attempt fails due to a change in surroundings, the program will record the current images of the new surroundings for future reference. This program also offers Multiple User functionality allowing multiple registered users to log on to a single computer.

The SmartLogon application provides two user interfaces – the SmartLogon Manager and the SmartLogon Console. The SmartLogon Manager is the user interface used in setting up registered faces and logon options while the SmartLogon Console is a user interface that controls the activity of the program.

The SmartLogon Manager is the starting point of the SmartLogon program. It is used to enable/disable the program. The SmartLogon Manager is also used in registering faces and creating user/password in the program. Adding/removing users as well as adjusting the security level of this application can also be done within the SmartLogon Manager interface. This user interface can also display Logon Logs. The Logon Logs provides detailed information regarding the log attempts on the computer.

The SmartLogon Console is used in controlling and managing the SmartLogon application. It can be used to launch the SmartLogon Manager, display the program’s version information, and close the program. This user interface can also be used to configure the settings of the program through the Options menu. Configuration settings available in the Options menu are choosing Camera Device and Desktop Control. The SmartLogon Manager can also be used to enable/disable Turn Off Display and Lock Computer options.