ASUS SmartDoctor

ASUSTeK Inc. (Proprietary)

ASUS SmartDoctor is a set of tools that monitor ASUS graphic cards. It can improve the performance of the system, too. The software is capable of monitoring the fan, power level, temperature, RAM, and other hardware. It overclocks the graphic adapter so that the hardware can perform to its optimum. The AGP power level monitoring tool ensures that the system is stable. The temperature level monitoring tool detects the current temperature of system components so that the computer does not overheat. A fan RPM monitoring tool is also included to make sure that the graphics chip is working well. Advanced computer users can make changes on the Shader Clock and Engine to improve computer performance.

ASUS SmartCooling also has advanced functionality. The ASUS SmartCooling feature lessens the fan noise. Users can set up to five GPU temperatures. The fan reduces its speed when the temperature is below threshold to save on power. It increases fan speed when the temperature is above the set threshold in order to disperse heat.

Another advanced feature is the ASUS HyperDrive, which allows users to change the RAM and GPU speed. ASUS HyperDrive has three overclocking modes. These are 3D Game Mode, Temperature Mode, and CPU Usage Mode.