ASUS Secure Delete

ASUS (Shareware)

ASUS Secure Delete is a program designed specifically for ASUS notebooks. Its main function is to make filed deleted in these devices gone for good. The files deleted by this utility are virtually irrecoverable. This program is an essential tool for computer users who want a 100% guarantee that confidential files which have been deleted are completely gone from the hard drive without any hope of recovery.

ASUS Secure Delete is a utility that is designed to delete all of the file content as well as the file location. The operating system removes files such that only the file location is deleted, but with the right tools, the content of the files can still be recovered. With this program, there is no need to worry that upgrading to another laptop and transferring files to the new hardware would leave traces of intimate, personal files in the older laptop. The option provided by this program is complete erasure and anyone who uses the old hardware will find no trace of the files that were removed.

ASUS Secure Delete is capable of ensuring full data security for ASUS laptop users. It is easy to deploy and sets up automatically once installed. The program launches by itself on boot and starts working as soon clicks the program into action.