ASUS PC Diagnostics

ASUSTek Computer Inc. (Freeware)

ASUS PC Diagnostics is a utility program that enables users to gather information on the different components of their computer. This program provides features that retrieve and analyze important data from key areas of the computer’s system. These features include the System Information Collection which detects the essential device and operating system information, the System Devices Test which is used to detect and report errors found on physical devices, and the System Stress Test, which allows users to check the system’s stability and reports any errors on the computer’s main components such as the CPU, Internal memory, and display adapter. ASUS PC Diagnostics is pre-installed in several laptop and notebook computers manufactured by ASUS.

ASUS PC Diagnostics has features that test and display information on the physical devices and operating system on the user’s computer. This information includes the:

• Operating System Information – includes the operating system name, version, and installation date.
• CPU Information – shows the CPU manufacturer, model, CPU Clock speed, CPU functional features, cache, driver version, and current CPU usage.
• Memory Information - this includes the manufacturer, model, memory clock, memory size, memory data width, and current memory usage.
• Network Adapter Information – includes manufacturer, model, maximum bandwidth capacity, network resources, driver version, TCP/IP settings, and current network status.
• Motherboard Information – this shows the manufacturer, model, BIOS version, BIOS release date, onboard ports, and onboard slots.
• Display Adapter Information – includes the manufacturer, model, video memory size, VBIOS version, current display resolution, current color depth, current refresh rate, driver version, and desktop resources.

In addition to these main computer components, ASUS PC Diagnostics also provides detailed information on the computer monitor, storage, audio device, 1394 controller, COM ports, parallel ports, and battery (for laptops and notebooks).