ASUS MultiFrame

ASUSTek Computer Inc. (Bundled)

ASUS MultiFrame is a component of ASUS utilities used for dividing and organizing opened windows. This allows users to transfer windows easily when opening multiple windows. This program is particularly useful for data mutual reading and web browsing. The program offers nine kinds of windows division. The program is capable of dividing the desktop into four parts. MultiFrame also has a Mouse Tracking feature, which allows users to find the mouse and execute windows easily. This feature can be enabled by right-clicking the program’s icon and choosing “Mouse Tracking”.

Another feature offered by this program is the Desktop Extend. This functionality is particularly useful when doing presentations. Users can view their memo at the notebook’s screen while presenting another file at a projector. This allows users to view the private files only at the notebook screen and allow viewers to see only the things you want them to see. Indicating the main and secondary monitors is also possible with MultiFrame. This allows users to set the monitors and verify them easily. MultiFrame can be used in conjunction with Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentation files can be sent to the selected secondary monitor using MultiFrame allowing your audience to only view only the files you want to present to them. If this function is disabled, the PowerPoint presentation will not be presented in the extended (secondary) monitor.