Asus MiVo Messenger

Motorola, Inc. (Freeware)

Asus MiVo Messenger is an application that allows users to receive and make calls through Skype using their mobile phone. With this software, users can make computer-to- mobile phone, computer-to-computer, mobile phone-to-computer, and mobile phone-to-mobile phone at cheaper rates compared to regular call procedures by using the Skype platform. The requirements for this system to work includes a broadband connection so that Skype can work, and a regular phone that the user can use to receive or make calls. What the messenger does is monitor Skype sessions and automatically diverts calls to the predefined mobile phone. It can also work the other way around where the user calls the computer and Skype makes the call to the person he chooses from the contact list.

Asus MiVo Messenger has other features including the following:

• With the use of Skype credit, the user can make call using SkypeOut feature of Skype Messenger from any remote PSTN phone through the modem hardware.
• Capability to synchronize the contact list on the Skype software and the mobile phone
• Capability to maintain event logs
• Capability to authenticate password for security purposes
• Capability to select contacts whose calls will be blocked and will not be forwarded