ASUS Eee Cam

CyberLink Corp. (Shareware)

ASUS Eee Cam is a utility designed to manage the webcam stream of devices manufactured by the tech company ASUS. This program may be used on netbooks and notebooks. ASUS devices usually contain this application by default. This tool is developed by CyberLink Corp.

It presents users with fanciful frames to use while real-time web chat is ongoing. The available options include themes such as zodiac signs, forest, love childhood, forest, television, beach, spring, and autumn. Aside from producing effects such the ones mentioned, this utility may also be used to capture webcam stream snapshots. Videos of chats may also be recorded without the need for another computer program.

ASUS Eee Cam also has the capability to overlay animations and effects during web chatting. With the use of this E-cam, the conversation between friends and family members is made more fun and interesting. The live video stream may be enhanced with animated effects and illustrations such as flying cows, fish dropping from the top of the screen, a meteor shower, and virtual tears.

In addition, unusual and exciting distortions can be used such as whirl, radiate, or pinch. Mirror-like effects may also be implemented such as symmetrical mirrors, rotate, and flip. Other amazing web can effects that may be used are red contrast, noise, emboss, bubble, and negative.