ASUS E-Green Application

ASUS (Freeware)

ASUS E-Green is an application that optimizes the computer’s hard drive to reduce power consumption and lessen the emission of carbon dioxide. It is a program that can only be used with ASUS drives. The program makes use of the E-Green Engine Technology that automatically stops drive applications that are not being used. The E-Green Mode activates when the drive is left idle for two minutes. On an average system, the program conserves 77% energy on a PATA drive, and 27% energy on a SATA drive.

After installation, the ASUS E-Green program adds an icon to the system tray. The application’s small window shows the Current Drive and the Drive Accumulation. The Current Drive shows the power saving information since the last boot up of the system. Drive Accumulation shows the power saving information since the ASUS E-Green program’s first launch on the computer. If the program is working on more than one drive, users can check information on each of the drives by clicking on the drop down menu located at the top right portion of the main window. Users will also be able to view a graphic representation in the form of a tree. The tree grows as the system conserves more power.