ASUS Drive Xpert

ASUS Tek Computer Inc. (Shareware)

ASUS Drive Xpert is one of the featured utilities in ASUS systems such as the P5Q Deluxe. This utility allows the user to setup a two-drive RAID 0 or a one-array set-up. This is a program that people who require date security on the hard drive will find useful. ASUS Drive Xpert is easy to configure and download. Technical support for ASUS Drive Xpert is readily available from the ASUS website.

Users of ASUS Drive Xpert should take note of a few important guidelines and instructions. First of all, ASUS Drive Xpert function is only available when it is utilized as a data drive. ASUS Drive Xpert function must be used with a couple of new hard drives. If only one is used a backup copy must be made first. This is because the original SATA_E2 hard drive will be erased (EZ backup mode) and the original data of both hard drives will be removed (Super Speed set up mode).

The best method is to utilize two identical hard drives, which are of the same model and have the same capacity. This guarantees optimal outcomes in the use of ASIS Drive Xpert. When using ASUS Drive Xpert, it is necessary to first install the Marvell 61xx driver.