ASUS CopyProtect

ASUSTek Computer Inc. (Freeware)

ASUS CopyProtect is a laptop security utility developed by ASUS for their notebooks. ASUS CopyProtect prevents copying of content from notebooks without authorization. Information may not be copied to an external storage device like a floppy disc, external hard drive, or USB. Data will not be burned to any disc media like DVDs and VCDs. Neither can information be copied to a network drive to where the notebook is connected with. Using or an external storage device, users may lock external drives, optical drives and even network drives.

ASUS CopyProtect user interface shows a panel of storage media that are normally available for copying including CD/DVD, Floppy, External storage, and Network Drive. Below each choice is a drop down option to Lock or Unlock. Above the panel are three buttons that allows users to Lock the computer, Protect all drives, or Unprotect all. There is a Setting button on the lower left panel that allows users to customize the password. Users may change the password setting and even have an option for a Password hint. Beneath that are three buttons for Ok, Cancel, and Apply.

ASUS CopyProtect allows users to prevent unrestricted access to data on their notebooks. It also prevents cloning or replication of drives by unauthorized users.