Astro Fury 1.0


Astro Fury is an alien action game where the player battles with the enemy aliens who are attacking the planet. In this game, there are 100 levels which the player must go through, with the last one being the fight with the ultimate boss. There are around 40 enemies which the player must defeat using aggressive attacks and excellent weaponry.  Free upgrades can be awarded to the player if he is able to destroy a lot of aircrafts. Eighteen (18) of the free upgrades can be used to upgrade primary weapons.  Aside from primary weapons, the game also has a selection of 11 explosive secondary weapons.

Astro Fury sets the player inside a spaceship being targeted by a number of alien invaders. The players must dodge any explosive or weapon which is fired at his spaceship. Getting hit by any weapon from the enemy aliens will decrease his lives and can result to game over. Each of the levels offers its own level of difficulty, danger, and speed as well as a wide variety of aircrafts. The player must be quick on his tactics as he is outnumbered by the alien invaders. He will fight, change weapons, and defeat evil opponents all throughout the game.