Astro Avenger 2

MyPlayCity (Freeware)

Astro Avengers 2 is an action simulation game that takes place in outer space. Players are tasked to defeat a fleet of enemies while controlling a space fighter. The player must maneuver the ship through different locations to avoid getting hit by enemies and their weapons. The game features more than 30 weapons that the player can use to take down enemy units. Defeating units rewards the player with plasma, which is used for upgrading the weapons or the ship. Additional items that can be bought with plasma include energy, droids, and armor. The main goal is to defeat enemies and collect all the parts of a powerful weapon.

Astro Avengers 2 ‘s game screen has a 3D environment. The player’s overall score, as well as the energy is displayed at the top right corner of the game screen. The armor and the number of lives can be seen on the top right portion of the screen. Weapons that are equipped are displayed at the bottom left and right corner of the game screen. Astro Avengers 2 consists of 50 levels with increasing difficulty. Players can acquire up to 35 types of weapons and defeat over 30 kinds of enemies.