ASTRA32 Program

Sysinfo Lab (Shareware)

The ASTRA32 Program is a cross-platform tool designed to give users detailed information about their computer hardware and system configuration, including the motherboard, memory, processor, and sound and video settings. It also offers system diagnostics aside from providing a comprehensive analysis of the computer system. This application comes with advanced features, including a fast HDD Health Status checker and a troubleshooter for system drivers.

To come up with detailed information about the system, this application refers directly to the hardware and not the Windows Registry, where certain data may not be written. By dealing directly with the detected devices, this application is able to uncover even the undocumented data, adding to the accuracy of the obtained information, which is independent of the installed drivers.

One of the notable features of the ASTRA32 Program is its Drivers Troubleshooter. This does a search of all the physical devices connected to the computer and creates a list of those whose drivers are missing or not properly installed.

This application can also be used to test the performance and reliability of the hard drive through the HDD Status checker feature. It makes use of a unique algorithm to work out the system diagnosis to let users know if their computer is doing fine or whether performing a system backup is necessary. Reports can also be generated and saved in CSV, TXT, XML, HTML, and INI format.