AsterWin 1.20

NirSoft (Freeware)

Most mail programs like Outlook Express, IncrediMail and many other programs require the user to enter a password for access to the application. Instead of the actual password, what the user sees is a series of asterisks in the text input box. This may cause some confusion especially if the password is long and complex. AsterWin is designed to display the actual password to the user instead of the default asterisks.

Some of the notable features of AsterWin are:

• Passwords are displayed in the main window of the application, which can then be copied by the user.
• For Windows 2000/XP users, an additional DLL file is no longer required.
• The program is compact for faster download and less resource consumption.

AsterWin has been succeeded by the Asterisk Logger utility. It also displays the password behind the asterisks just like AsterWin, but with more features added. With the newer program:

• The user no longer needs to push a button to display the actual passwords. Asterisk Logger automatically displays the password within the text input box every time a new password window is opened.
• The new utility displays the date, time, the application name, and the executable file involved.