Aster 5.0 (Shareware)

Aster is a program that allows users to transfer, store, and manage data via shared access over an existing network. It thus enhances the capabilities of a high-end PC via a proprietary double-terminal system. With this particular type of software, it is possible for multiple users to utilize a single computer network with the same capabilities for data management as if each user has access to a personal computer. This means that one computer can be used by a number of people at the same time, which means that the single computer – with Aster installed – has capabilities like those of two separate PCs that are networked.

With Aster, a primary hard drive or computer processing unit (CPU) simply has to be connected to two computer monitors. The duo of terminals can connect to the same system unit. The same unit is where the keyboard and mouse per unit will be connected as well. Unlike having several computers, having a shared network as provided by this program is more efficient as it utilizes less resources and space. There is no need to upgrade multiple units. The use of a single PC also requires a single set of utilities to save maintenance expenses.