Astase UltraBackup

Astase (Proprietary)

Astase UltraBackup is a program that was developed by a company called Astase. As its name suggests, the primary purpose of this computer software program is to provide its users with access to a series of copying, editing, and security tools that will allow them to create copies of existing files on a particular network. This aims to secure essential data that various users may have by ensuring that a second or third copy can be accessed should the original files be compromised in any way.

Aside from providing people with these copying tools, the same program also offers services apart from the production of automated copy files. Astase UltraBackup can also be used for purposes such as advanced data warehousing. Apart from creating multiple copies of specific files, the program can also be used for archiving purposes. The copies can be stored on the Astase network and accessed whenever, wherever, and from whatever device.

Storing the files in the Astase network is advantageous indeed especially because of the heightened security features that come with the program. There is no need for users to worry about their files being stolen, improperly accessed, or lost in the network. Also, since the program comes equipped with support codes for effective automated distribution, this means that the stored files can easily be accessed by designated personnel.