Astaro SSL VPN Client

Astaro (Freeware)

Astaro SSL VPN Client is a program that offers users with an effective means of getting remote access to network data. This utility is especially useful to those who are in transit or working at home and require immediate access to corporate data. Aside from serving the needs of remote workers, this program removes the burden on administrative personnel and eradicates errors with the automation of the processes that it is capable of performing.

Astaro SSL VPN Client is a utility that may be implemented with a variety of operating systems and network environments such as for instance MacOS, Windows, UNIX and Linux, Solaris, and BSD. Astaro SSL VPN Client is a program that offers universal deployment. The remote access is secure and easy to manage and implement. Transparent access is provided to company applications to teleworkers no matter where they are located. This utility can also function through firewalls. When using Astaro VPN Client, the user does not need to perform any configuration.

The security level provided by Astaro SSL VPN Client is especially formidable so that attacks are prevented, which remote access environments are at risk. There are additional components integrated into Astaro SSL VPN Client, and these are certificates in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and support available for One-Time Password token (OTP).