Asset Tracker for Networks 9.3

Alchemy Lab (Freeware)

Alchemy Lab Asset Tracker for Networks is a program is a network inventory application. This program allows users to view, track, manage, and create an inventory for the hardware and software configurations on PCs that are installed in a Local Area Network. This application is meant to be used typically by advanced users, network administrators, and business owners. Users will be pleased to find that the user interface is quite similar to familiar system dialogs. The inventory process is relatively simple, only requiring a few clicks.

The program provides network administrators with the essential knowledge that they require to efficiently manage and maintain their respective networks. The program doesn’t require the client PCs to install a client version of the software to run the diagnostics and inventorying. The program provides the network administrator with the most in depth information it can give. Ranging all the way from what type of hardware is installed on the computers, to what the serial number is on certain installed programs. Net admins may also access not only computers, but other installed peripherals as well. Printers, routers, and switches can easily be inventoried by the program. All this information can be exported into various formats and printed out for easy perusal.