Assassins Creed.Brotherhood.v 1.03 + 7 DLC

Ubisoft Montreal (Proprietary)

Assassins Creed.Brotherhood.v 1.03 + 7 DLC is a game patch developed by Ubisoft Montreal. This patch is designed for the Brotherhood game release that comes with downloadable contents. This application mainly updates and comes with bug fixes on various problems encountered in playing the game. Several gamers report crashes while playing Brotherhood, which is detrimental in experiencing its full gameplay. It comes with an updated binkw32.dll, which is the file linked to these crashes.

The program also comes with an exclusive and updated installer required for installing the game. Other features that are added in this game patch is Softa, used with DirectX, Ubisoft Game Launcher, and Visual C++ build. It also features RIPa and comes with its respective features like 100% quality on video and audio. Through this platform, the entire registry is also maintained all the way, allowing users to avoid potential inconsistencies brought by installing a patch. Playing the game is also convenient as gamers can run it by clicking the desktop icon or the one placed on Start.

Assassins Creed.Brotherhood.v 1.03 + 7 DLC also installs fast and utilizes small memory resource. Installing requires 512 MB of memory while promoting other features. Features like logo development, multiplayer, and others are also featured in this program. Additional media that make it more interesting like demos and reels come with this downloadable file.